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Warning and Caution Identification

American Nameplate can provide etched metal nameplates, screen printed nameplates, tags, stickers, decals, and labels of many different kinds.

Warning, Caution, Hazard, Danger, Safety labels, Temperature, Chemical identity, Poison, and any other identification signs can be produced within most our product categories:

  • Etched metal nameplates - Provide many years of dependable identification deeply etched on Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, CRS, Monel, Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel, and Zinc, and then filled with long lasting, colorful baked enamels and epoxies.
  • Screen printing is the most economical process for producing aluminum, brass, bronze or stainless steel identifications. A wide variety of colors are possible with this process, where enamel or polyester inks are surface printed on metal and then durable coats of baked varnishes are added to insure long lasting serviceability. 
  • Domed labels and decals. American Nameplate uses an automotive grade exterior polyurethane, coated to a thickness of 0.070’ high, this doming process gives a clear, 3-dimensional look to any label or decal. 
  • Pressure Sensitive products for labeling and identification applications. Typically the labels we manufacture are made of Aluminum Foil, Polyester (Mylar) and Vinyl. Inks are either surface or subsurface (second surface) printed onto these materials and then encapsulated with an additional layer of a wide variety of laminates. 
  • Military specifications - These etched, screen printed and flexible military nameplates, decals, and labels can be found on jeeps, trucks, tanks, aircraft, generators, munitions, cases, compressors and every other military type of vehicle imaginable.
  • Photo Seal Aluminum Nameplate -  screens ink into a sheet of unsealed aluminum, which is then sealed with a chemical process. This captures the ink below the surface of the aluminum and insures a permanent image, which cannot be scratched or remove
  • Graphic Overlays & Deadfronts - Graphic overlays can also have clear or translucent windows that allow LED's or lights to come through. Areas of selective adhesive can also allow for the use over switches. "Deadfronts" use a translucent black or red over the windows to hide their appearance until light comes through from behind.
  • Embossed Metal Nameplates - Embossing is the process used to raise a pattern of copy above the original (normal) surface by the use of matched male and female dies

You can rely on our problem solving experts for assistance in determining which metal, label, foil, adhesive type, etc. will be best suited for your specific application.


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·  Warning - Caution High Current

·  Warning - Caution Service Panel

·  Warning - Danger Label

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